Shared Minds: Community Approaches to Mental Wellness

Together as One:  A Newcomer Youth Wellness Photography Project (2020)

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 30 newcomer youth collaborated with the

Social Planning Council of Ottawa  and Catholic Centre for Immigrants Ottawa on a photography and advocacy program for newcomer youth.  On virtual platforms they developed new life skills and learned about photography while engaging in peer-to-peer sharing of strategies to improve wellness & promote hope for the future.  The project helped the participants overcome social isolation and stress in the times of COVID-19.  It also led to the creation of this eBook, a tool with the express aim to make the voice of these youth heard and to advocate for the wellness of newcomer youth alike. 

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Mental Health Planning (2019)

The SPCO and the Community Development Framework led a multi-agency planning initiative to develop a framework for collaboration to better support mental well-being in priority neighbourhoods through community development approaches.  Disadvantaged communities are disproportionately impacted by poverty, social isolation & marginalization.  Priority neighbourhoods and communities identified an urgent priority to better address mental wellness and mental health.   Over the course of one year, agency partners developed a common agenda, a roadmap and an action plan for enhancing the reach and support for residents along the mental health spectrum (from stress to clinical mental health issues).   This initiative was supported by Innoweave, an initiative of the McConnell Foundation.