Ottawa Community Partnerships
For Health Equity

The Ottawa Community Partnerships for Health Equity is a hub for working and learning together to address health inequities in Ottawa. Coordinated by the Social Planning Council of Ottawa, it showcases and promotes community development approaches and local projects with our partners that improve health outcomes for residents impacted by systemic barriers to good health and well-being.  The OCPHE grew out of collaborative work since 2010 between the Social Planning Council of Ottawa and grassroots
ethno-cultural minority groups in Ottawa.

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Upcoming Events & Webinars

Virtual speaker series launching on Wednesday, April 21st:

Mental Health Crisis Response Alternatives: Learning What Works

Effective partnerships are essential for community-based solutions for advancing health equity. When multiple sectors collaborate, more resources can be shared to shape better outcomes for everyone.

Resources for people with dementia, family members, caregivers, and health-care professionals.

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