Resources for Healthy Aging for Ethno-cultural Seniors


Cultural Home Visiting Support Guide

This practical volunteer training and support guide was created to help ethno-cultural seniors’ groups develop and conduct formal culturally appropriate volunteer training and support. The training guide will enhance the volunteer work currently done by the different communities and will meet the need for more formalized training and support that has a cultural component. The guide is intended to help increase the capacity and sustainability of existing ethno-cultural groups in Ottawa who provide volunteer services. It is also meant to act as a resource to mentor young people from different cultural backgrounds who want to volunteer in their own community, to help them learn and practice their language skills, and to increase knowledge of their own cultures of origin.

Funding provided by the Government of Canada, New Horizon for Seniors Program.

The Guide is also available in:

Elder Abuse Facilitators Training Guide

This Resource Guide was developed as part of the “Collectively We Care – Collectively We Help” Forum held on October 16, 2019. The Forum was hosted to educate ethno-cultural seniors in Ottawa about what constitutes elder abuse. More importantly, it was geared to service providers to enhance their understanding of the needs of ethno-cultural seniors in order to develop services and resources to meet the growing needs of this population. As a community we appreciated the importance of service providers and seniors coming together to address the often hidden issue related to elder abuse and to develop ethno-cultural sensitive solutions.

The Resource guide provides information to both deliver talks and to facilitate discussions in the community as a tool for raising awareness about ageism and elder abuse. It includes notes on facilitating open discussion with groups based on culturally appropriate narratives and videos. The Resource Guide has been designed to support bilingual community volunteers to deliver community education.

A Powerpoint presentation is also available for download.

Dementia Program Design Toolkit

This tool is developed as part of Developmental Evaluation of Culturally Responsive Community Based Healthy Brain program. Our goal is to help community stakeholders in developing their model of Healthy Brain program which will be added to the pool of pilot programs.

Tip Sheets

The following Tip Sheets are provided by the Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County:

10 Warning Signs of Dementia (and 8 ways to be brain healthy)

10 tips to help you communicate with a person who has dementia


Challenges For Ethno-Cultural Caregivers
Brain Health Program Evaluation Report
Dementia Community Programming – Conceptual Framework
Forum Report: Culturally Responsive Dementia Care for the South Asian Community
Forum Report: Needs of Ethno-cultural Seniors Aging in Ottawa (2018)
Forum Report: Collectively We Care – Collectively We Help: Elder Abuse and Neglect Forum (2019)

Other Resources

External Research: InFocus Informal Caregiving and Diversity
 The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County

Do you have questions about memory loss or dementia? Are you caring for someone living with dementia? The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County is our trusted partner and the regions best source for information and support.

If you would like to receive Dementia Friendly training for yourself, community, organization or business. Please contact the Dementia Society or fill out this form here.

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Elder Abuse: Collectively We Care – Collectively We Help

Ottawa seniors come from many communities that speak over 93 different languages and have diverse cultural backgrounds. In many of the languages of these seniors, there is no word for ‘Elder Abuse’ and as such they do not talk about it openly in their communities.

More information is available in the following languages:

Resources for Healthy Communities
Six Healthy Developments Checklists (2013)

A series of six checklists, for different types of developments, to help residents think about how developments planned for their neighbourhood will affect their health or the health of their neighbours.  Developed for the Centretown Community Health Centre